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Dear Parents/ Teachers/ Participants,

We regret to announce the sudden postponement of the 3rd National Youth Chess Championships originally scheduled to take place on 14th March 2020 at Ghana International School.

The reason being prophylactic measures against the COVID-19 outbreak as we cannot determine the travel history of all participants or their relations. The National Youth Chess Championships Chess Championships features hundreds of chess enthusiasts from a plethora of schools and backgrounds. We have therefore come into agreement with the school authorities to postpone the tournament until a better time.

Chess federations have temporarily banned shaking of hands before and after Chess games and implemented other measures such as wearing long-sleeve attire and using hand sanitizers after every game. However, children may not be able to strictly adhere to all these measures in our opinion.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but then again it is for the safety of our children. Registration fees shall be refunded to all who have already paid.

We appreciate your interest in the game of Chess and let’s keep practicing until a new date is announced. Thank you.

Ghana Chess Association

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