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GCA appoints Hungarian GM as National Team Coach

As part of the preparations for the upcoming 44th world chess Olympiad which scheduled to take place from July 28th to August 10th, 2022 in Chennai, India, GCA with the support of the World Chess Federation has put together a 2-phase training program for the Ghana National Chess Team (The Golden Knights).

The first phase is currently ongoing and is being facilitated by the Executive Council of the Ghana Chess Association. Sessions are held on the ZOOM platform.

The second phase is scheduled to commence on June 1st, 2022 and is being facilitated by 3-time Hungarian chess champion GM Ribli Zoltan. GM Ribli Zoltan is also a 2-time World Championship Candidate.

GM Ribli Zoltan
3-time Hungarian Chess Champion

Following discussions with the GCA president, the high-profile coach has been tasked with preparing the national team for the World chess Olympiad as well as managing the team during the competition.

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