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Seeding and group placements shall be done by listing participants into 4 groups starting with the highest rated player sequentially down to the lowest rated player according to the latest GCA ratings.

There shall be four groups (A-D); the top player goes into Group A, 2nd highest player into Group B, and so on. After all the groups have one player it starts all over again at Group A. so in this example Group 1 would have the following seeds #1, #5, #9 and #13 etc. This is done to ensure in the final round the best players will be left playing for the tournament win.

Tie-breaks shall be by;

  1. The match result between players in question;
  2. The Sonnenborn-Berger points
  3. Direct encounter (blitz)



Quarter- finals

Winner of group A vrs 2nd placed in group C (QF1)

Winner of Group C vrs 2nd Placed in group A (QF2)

2nd placed in group B vrs winner of group D (QF3)

Winner of Group B vrs 2nd placed in Group D (QF4)


Winner of QF1 vrs Winner of QF3 (SF1)

Winner of QF2 vrs winner of QF4 (SF2)

Finals: Winners of semifinal matches

3rd Place match: Losers of semifinal matches

Defending Champion: CM Edward Thompson

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