The Presec-Legon Chess club held its “Unlocking Potentials through chess” event on Friday the 18th of March 2022 and were graced with the presence of the president of the Ghana Chess Association Mr. Philip Ameku who gave a speech and donated a handful of chess boards to the club.

The event started off with a welcome address from a member of the club who highlighted a few of the achievements that the budding club had been able to accomplish within the short period of its emergence in the school . This was followed by a speech from the President of the Ghana Chess Association, who was warmly received by the members of the club. Mr Philip Ameku talked about how he became involved with Chess and he expressed his surprise and joy at the number of people who had turned up for the event. He ended his speech by telling the students that the club had his full support and he would do anything he could to help the club thrive. After the speech from the president, a Q and A session was held where some of the students asked questions about some of the interests and difficulties they had with the game.
The President of the Ghana Chess Association donated some chess boards to the club which was received with full earnestness and gratitude from the members of the Chess club as well as its Patrons, Mr. Gideon, Mr Nathaniel Botchwey and Mr. Kingsley Ghunney. A friendly game between the president of the Ghana Chess Association and the President of the Presec Legon Chess club,Ashong Emmanuel, was held to end the event, with Mr Philip Ameku emerging the winner of this game.

Chess Donation to PRESEC

It is fair to say that the “Unlocking Potentials through Chess” event was a grand success with everyone present benefitting in one way or the other.

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